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The history of the event

Rustic, an event sponsored by Faccat, underwent a transition in 2015 from Rustic to Trail Running. This social project was born in 2011 as a proposal of the Special Topics discipline of the Administration and Accounting Sciences Courses of the Integrated Colleges of Taquara. The goal was to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom in a cause that brought benefits and development to the community, which is the essence of the event to this day.

The first edition brought together 400 athletes, which, in recent editions, approached the 600 registered, becoming an event of the institution with broad academic and community participation. Since the change, THE FACCAT TRAIL RUN, or simply FTR, has offered different stretches on rural trails, giving athletes the opportunity to combine sporting activity and contact with spectacular landscapes provided by the nature of the region, nestled in the heart of the Atlantic Forest.

The modalities for individual races in 2021 are the distances of 56km, 30km, 14km and 7km; 6km and 14km walks, as well as children's races with special routes.

The FTR is a non-profit and voluntary race, offering excellence in service and assistance to the athlete in its entirety. The commitment and dedication of all involved in FACCAT TRAIL RUN has made the event a national reference in the organization, always aiming at the excellent interaction among athletes, children, family, friends and the general public at Faccat campus, start and finish concentration point, also providing activities for companions, especially children.

Those who already know the institution, know the philosophy of quality that exists in everything that surrounds it, always aiming for excellence in the service to people who seek it. Today, the Event Center, a large venue designed for big events, has an enviable and very affordable structure to accommodate all the structure needed in any weather condition.

With all this involved and available, the institution always projects higher flights, aiming at the development of the sport, the region, the academics and professionals, proposing each year an unprecedented event at the national level.