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Clarifications by phone 55 51 3541-6600, with the Extension


Date: July 23, 2021
Kits delivery (Foyer Event Center): from 5pm to 8pm
Technical Briefing (Event Center Auditorium): 6pm

Date: July24, 2021
From 6am: kits delivery
7am: Starting Race Ultra - 56km
9h30am: long run start - 30km
10am: kids run
10h30am: starting race average path - 14km
10h35am: start hiking 6km and 14km
11h am: Short run start - 7km
4:45 pm: awards


The Registration is personal and non-transferable. The number of participants is limited to 900 athletes, distributed according to the information below, and this amount can be adjusted according to their possibilities and interests

100 – Ultra Route (56km) (56km)
200 – Long Route (30km)
200 – Average Route (14km)
200 – Short Route (7km)
100 - Hiking (6km and 14km)
100 – Kids

There will be three stages of registration, with the following values ​​/ deadlines: Prices for individual entries in the 1st promotional lot, from 01/11/2019 to 02/29/2020: 56km race: R $ 160,00
30km race: R $ 130,00
14km ​​race: R $ 110,00
7km race: $ 100
6km and 14km walks with kit: R $ 50,00
Hiking without kit: 6 liters of long life milk
Kids Race with kit: R $ 35,00.
Kids Race without kit: free

Prices for individual entries in the 2nd Promotional Lot, from 01/01/2020 to 06/30/2021:
56km race: R $ 200,00
30km race: R $ 150,00
14km ​​race: R $ 130,00
7km race: R $ 110,00
6km and 14km walks with kit: R $ 50,00
Hiking without kit: 6 liters of long life milk
Kids Race with kit: R $ 35,00
Kids Race without kit: free

Values ​​of individual entries in the 3rd lot, from 07/01/2021 to 07/10/2021
56km race: R $ 250,00
30km race: R $ 200,00
Race 14km: R $ 160,00
7km race: R $ 140,00
6km and 14km walks with kit: R $ 50,00
Hiking without kit: 6 liters of long life milk
Kids Race with kit: R $ 35,00
Kids Race without kit: free

Note: For free kids walking and jogging, there is no kit, meaning participants in these categories will not be entitled to the T-shirt, medal and chip chest numeral.

Luggage room: There will be luggage storage at the start. To use it, you need to display the chest number.


Ultra distance, 56km (required): Charged mobile phone, aluminized emergency blanket (thermal blanket), whistle, bandage and windbreaker or waterproof, and must drop with at least 1 liter of water
Long distance, 30km (required):: cell phone, whistle, bandage and windbreaker or waterproof, and must leave with at least 1/2 liter of water.
Medium distances (14km) and short distances (7km): No mandatory equipment.
For all distances, athletes must provide their own container (glass, bottle, hydration backpack, etc.) to drink water, as no glasses will be available at hydration points. In addition, depending on weather conditions, the use of long pants, hat, thermal shirt, waterproof jacket and glove will be important in view of temperature fluctuations along the way.
Note: The organization reserves the right to check, in its entirety and / or by sampling, at any time and point of the course, if the athlete is carrying all the required equipment, and disqualifying the one that does not comply with the required.


The prize will be distributed as follows for the four race distances.
The top five (5) places in the Men's and Women's General categories will receive trophies and may, eventually receive awards from sponsors and supporters. The computed times will be gross (in order of arrival).
The top three (3) placed by age group, with net times, male and female, will receive trophies and may eventually receive awards.

Faccat Trail Run age categories will be distributed as follows:
female and male up to 29 years (born from 1992);
female and male between 30 and 39 years old (born between 1982 and 1991);
female and male between 40 and 49 years old (born between 1972 and 1981);
Feminino e masculino entre 50 e 59 anos (nascidos entre 1962 e 1971);
60 years or older (born until 1961).).

Hiking and Running childish
For hiking and running childish, there will be a participation medal for those who complete the routes, except for those who subscribe to the free hiking and running option.

Largest Racing Team
The largest team with paid entries will receive a SINGLE trophy, valuing the membership and participation of its members, and may even receive awards from supporters.


Results are posted online after the athlete crosses the finish line.