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In 2021, on July 24, the 9th edition of the FTR will take place at Faccat, with the institution's campus hosting the event, at Oscar Martins Rangel Avenue, 4500 (ERS 115), in Taquara / RS.

The event has different routes for individual races, such as 56km (ultra), 30km (long), 14km (medium) and 7km (short), and for walking, with routes of 6km and 14km, with special distances for the Children's races. The start and finish takes place at FACCAT facilities, under any weather conditions, as the campus structure is privileged.

Non-profit and voluntary, FTR brings the academic community closer to the regional community by encouraging the practice of sports, with a view to providing them with a better quality of life, having as their main route the challenging trails through the Atlantic Forest, which allows athletes to contemplate spectacular landscapes and a fun and vibrant experience in the bush.

In addition to the above, the event aims to provide practices to academics from all courses of the institution, also fostering the economy of the Paranhana Valley, meeting the FACCAT Regional Development Program.

Some 2019 numbers:

In the 2019 edition, it is estimated that between 1,800 and 2,000 people circulated on campus ,including athletes, friends, family, volunteers and people from the community, encouraging and cheering for participants from all categories.

For 2021, seeking to maintain excellence in service and athlete focus at FTR, enrollment will be limited to 900 athletes, distributed as follows:

Running is synonymous with energy, freedom, connection, claw and overcoming. Come and participate in this unforgettable experience, whether as an athlete, volunteer or spectator. More information in the Regulation.